Wednesday, November 21, 2007

This is a little gross

Logan is consistently pooping on the potty these days, usually during dinner. He is really great about it, even in a restaurant. One night he had to go at a coffeee shop so I scooped him out of his high chair and off he went to the bathroom, letting everyone on the way know "I go poop in potty!!" Fortunately, it is a family restaurant and I didn't notice anyone looking absolutely appalled. Mostly they smiled encouragingly and wished him luck, then high fived him on the way back. Sometimes I need to step back and realize that potty training brings all new experiences to him. In addition to anticipating when he needs to go, then holding it for a few minutes, he needs to learn to sit properly, feel comfortable and is experiencing all new sensations....and sounds. One of the first times he was sitting up there so proudly, getting the positive results we want, we heard the little splash.
Logan, looking extremely proud of himself -"Did you hear that?"
Me- "Yes."
Logan- "Dat came out my butt."
Okay...time to sit back down for dinner!

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Jana said...

LOL!!! It is sooo amazing to see their little minds putting 2 and 2 together. (No pun intended, hah!)