Wednesday, March 14, 2007

"The sum of all piles must equal the ceiling."

Possibly my all time favorite quote by Fillip.

You would never guess I had a cleaning crew come to the house on Saturday. I had finally reduced the dirty laundry pile to less than one full basket and had the maid service fold all the clean clothes. They did and put it all in random baskets in the closet. They also hung up the designated shirts, then put them in the closet sideways, with every couple hangers facing a different direction. I have not been able to get to any of my clothes, and I couldn't just grab the pile and hang it up correctly. Last night I finally got to that, standing on the piles of clean laundry to hang stuff on the higher racks. Since I've had absolutely no time to spare, the dirty clothes have bred like rabbits, and is now approximately four feet high. I can't tell you how much I wish I were exaggerating here.


cg said...

Yikes - you must sterilise your clean washing, maybe that will control the unauthorised breeding programme!

Ann said...

Oh dear - laundry is my foe as well (and I have help each week to keep it at bay). No words of wisdom but a little smile and bit of encouragement that perhaps clean clothes are somewhat over-rates (or at least folded ones are!)