Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Logan- 17 months

At 17 months, Logan is quite a character. He is such a funny, busy, sweet little guy. Those blue eyes will melt you in a heartbeat, but can also be very piercing as he deems necessary. He gives the sweetest kisses with those full lips, always accompanied by a crisp "mmmmMwuh!" He is trying to do things for himself, helping us dress and undress him. He tried to put on his shoes and socks, which he provides ample opportunity for given that he still takes off his right shoe and sock ALL THE TIME. Not the left one. The right one.

He is constantly on the go, moving, pointing, jabbering away. He likes to direct us and point out whatever has caught his interest. He likes to play with trucks and planes making driving noises as he pushes them along. He always notices planes or helicopters in the sky, no matter how high they may be. He seems to hear them first and lets us know to look up as he excitedly points and shouts. Because he sees buses and trains all day at school, he is fascinated by those as well. Last week he kept telling us something on the way home. We were trying to guess, but obviously not getting it until Hayden lost patience with our lack of understanding and said "He is saying choo choo!" Sure enough. All we heard was "shoo choo" which we were guessing meant "shoe." No, that would be "shooosh!" Big difference. We have also heard "obah dayah" (over there), "ahwandat" (I want that), and a few other words and phrases. He calls Hayden "buvvah" or "Daydah" which Hayden loves. Hayden will tell anyone who listens "I'm Daydah!" Data? "No, Daydah! I'm Logan's Daydah." They always get their vitamins since they know to ask. Logan runs over and points up to the shelf yelling to let me know it is time. Twice a day he gets his nebulizer treatments and most of the time will sit sweetly in our lap.

Whatever Hayden has, Logan wants. He is none too gentle about getting it either. As they play we constantly need to referee as someone is always screaming and yelling, pushing, hitting, grabbing, etc.. But when they do play nicely, they are so very sweet. Logan is definitely learning about routines and establishing them himself. I call the kids' feet Stinky Stinky feet. At bathtime, Logan insists on getting his feet washed first, proffering a tiny, wet little foot barely sticking up out of the water and bubbles. As I wash Hayden's Stinky Stinky Feet that tiny foot will be offered again and again with a little grin. For the last two nights he has sat through the entire reading of Goodnight Moon, then had to read it himself. He turns each page, waves and says "night night!" It is so sweet to sit there reading with the two of them. At bedtime Logan needs to turn on his radio, his humidifier and turn off the light. When he gets up, he needs to do the opposite. Lord help us if we skip a step!

He is such a sweetie, offering lots of kisses with an easy giggle. His eyes are always alight with mischief, and he will take any opportunity to be chased around. If he can reach me, he will reach under my shirt to tickle me saying "Beh baw!" (belly button!) He started this on his own one day as I reached over his carset to Hayden. They giggle hysterically over that every time. So do I. Logan absolutely loves music. Hayden has been talking about the Move It Move It song from Madagascar for awhile now. They play it at school. When I went to pick Logan up recently, that song came on. Ten toddlers stopped in their tracks and started bouncing their heads, then moving those little bodies to the beat. It was like Muppet Babies got mixed with A Night at the Roxbury. Too funny.

With all that silly charm oozing off of him, he does have quite a temper. He wants what he wants when he wants it! It's not uncommon for him to throw himself down on the floor in a temper, and for us to simply walk away. Obviously, we don't see eye to eye on this, and sometimes he has to just give us his blood curdling shriek until we are ready to do whatever he is waiting for. He shrieks when he is mad, sad, and happy. This is a phase we will not miss!

At nearly one and a half, he is on the cusp of full blown toddler independence, yet still so very baby. As much fun as it is to see him do new things, I am desperately holding onto the last vestiges of his babyhood. I kiss those soft cheeks and neck any chance I get. It will pass all too soon.

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Ann said...

I still think of Logan as the little buy I met last March (almost a year ago now!!!) He sounds like a such a busy sweet guy.