Friday, October 06, 2006

Who say's men never ask for directions?

Hayden just cracks me up. He is very friendly and social. These days, whenever he has to go potty, he holds himself. Either his crotch or his butt, depending on the situation.

In the grocery store last week, he stopped a man to ask where the bathroom is. The man just chuckled and moved on. I took him to the bathroom.

In synagogue, just as Mayor Villaraigosa got up to speak (which I thought was really cool!), Hayden told me he had to go pee pee. Of course, we hindered the mayor's progress to the podium as we got up, and headed toward the bathroom. We sit near the front and it is a long way to the back. Hayden made his way with his hand firmly grabbing his pants, stopping to put his hand on other people's arms and loudly, urgently say "I have to go pee pee! Do YOU know where the bathroom is?" I kept assuring him that I in fact do know where it is. Then he stopped asking, but solemnly informed each row we passed, as if they needed an explanation for his departure, that "I have to go pee pee." It was so funny to see people cheering this little boy on, giving him knuckles and high fives to get there on time.

I missed the mayor's speech, but it couldn't have been nearly as entertaining.


Ann said...

This is why we blog - stories like that might get forgotten for their simplicity but gosh do they make you smile.

Well done little man ... I only wish we were even in the same ball park on the PT dept.

Cari said...

So funny!

I can't believe you sit toward the front. If the childcare is full, I bring my kids into church toward the BACK. They only sometimes last through the first 20 minutes of Praise and Worship, but once things quiet down, they start acing up! And out the door we go.

mi said...

During the High Holy Days, seating is assigned. Being a past synagogue President and long time members, Fillip's family gets seats in a prime spot. The kids actually only last a short time, especially together and I make frequent sheepish trips out the door with one or more nicely dressed, questionably behaved little rascals.